Audio described shows can help people who are blind or partially sighted.

The action of the play is described through a headset by trained people so that you can follow what is happening at the same time as the rest of the audience. 

This live verbal commentary does not go over what is being said onstage but is instead kept to an essential minimum so that you get what you need when you need it. You can hear an example in the film below: 

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The headset you wear looks like this and you collect it from the cloakroom when you arrive.

Audio-described shows also have two extra elements to them to help enhance your understanding. 

Touch tours

These take place before the audio-described show. Hosted by the two describers whom you will hear later through your headsets, you will be escorted by them to the stage to look, touch and feel the set and costumes. If time allows you could meet some of the actors from the show. The touch tour is free to attend, but you need to book it when you book your ticket for an audio-described show.  

Audio notes

These are recorded for each audio-described performance and sent out to you before the show. They describe the characters in the show, the plot, the look and feel of the show, and any other directorial notes that are important for you to know about. The notes are repeated live just before the show starts. Listen to a sample of the audio notes below.

Audio note CD’s are also available on request, all requests should be sent to or on 01789 331275.

Go to our Assisted Performances page to see our list of accessible performances, including audio described shows.

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