Two great dynasties. One epic war. Explore the family trees of The Trojans and The Greeks in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida.

The Trojans

Priam King of Troy.
his wife, Queen of Troy.
Margarelon Priam's bastard son.
Hector Prince of Troy. Leader and hero of the Trojans in the Trojan War.
Andromache his wife.
Astyanax his infant son.
Paris Prince of Troy. Paris' abduction of Helen of Sparta launched the Trojan War.
Helen his lover. Queen of Sparta and former wife of King Menelaus.
Deiphobus Prince of Troy and a warrior.
Helenus a Priest. Twin brother to Cassandra.
Cassandra a Prophetess. Twin sister to Helenus. Cursed so no-one believed her prophecies.
Creusa Princess of Troy and wife of military commander, Aeneas.
Troilus Prince of Troy and youngest of Priam's sons. Desperately in love with Cressida.
Boy his servant.

Aeneas Military Commander. Survives the Trojan War and goes on to found Rome.
Antenor Military Commander and prisoner of the Greeks. Later returned to Troy in exchange for Cressida.

Pandarus a Lord and Cressida's Uncle. Helps Troilus and Cressida become lovers.
Calchas a Priest and Cressida's father. Defected to the Greeks.
Cressida his daughter. Lover to Troilus and later traded to the Greeks in exchange for Antenor.
Alexander her servant.

The Greeks

Agamemnon King of Mycenae and Commander-in-Chief of the Greeks.
Clytemnestra his wife. Queen of Mycenae and sister to Helen of Sparta.
Iphigenia their daughter. Sacrificed at the start of the Trojan War to appease the Goddess Artemis.
Electra their daughter, Princess of Mycenae.
Orestes their son, Prince of Mycenae and husband to Hermione, Princess of Sparta.

Menelaus King of Sparta.
Helen his former wife, Queen of Sparta. Her elopement with Paris led to the Trojan War.
Hermione their daughter. Princess of Sparta and wife to Orestes, Prince of Mycenae.

Achilles a Greek hero.
Patroclus a Greek warrior and Achilles' lover.
Myrmidons Achilles' soldiers.
Ulysses King of Ithaca.
Nestor King of Pylos
Ajax the Great.
Thersites his slave.
Diomedes a Greek warrior who seduced Cressida.