This version of The Tempest was part of 'What Country Friends Is This?' - a trilogy of plays, exploring love, loss and reunion, and performed by one company of actors.


Ankur Bahl 
Sarah Belcher 
Amie Burns Walker
Kirsty Bushell 
Nicholas Day
Sandy Grierson
Stephen Hagan 
Felix Hayes 
Amer Hlehel 
Solomon Israel 
Jan Knightley 
Bruce Mackinnon 
Jonathan Mcguinness 
Kevin Mcmonagle 
Cecilia Noble 
Jonathan Slinger 
Emily Taaffe 
Sargon Yelda


Director - David Farr
Designer - Jon Bausor
Lighting - Jon Clark
Music - Adem Ilhan
Sound - Christopher Shutt
Choreography - Fin Walker
Fights - Kev McCurdy

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