See pictures of the performance and rehearsals, and read cast information for Lucy Bailey's 2012 production where beds were key to the telling of the story.

Designed by Ruth Sutcliffe, the stage was taken over by a vast bed, from which Christopher Sly has his dream, with the action of the play taking place above and in between its sheets.

David Caves played a tattooed Petruchio, opposite Lisa Dillon's drinking and smoking Katharina.

Following its run in Stratford, the production toured to Newcastle, Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Bath.


Hiran Abeysekera - Page                          
Tom Berish - Peter   
Elizabeth Cadwallader - Bianca                                 
David Caves - Petruchio    
Lisa Dillon - Katharina                                
Col Farrell - Pedant                                     
Gavin Fowler - Lucentio                            
Huss Garbiya - Biondello                           
Simon Gregor - Grumio                             
Paul Herzberg - Vincentio/Tailor                        
Nick Holder - Christopher Sly                  
Kieran Knowles - Nathaniel   
Aïcha Kossoko - Marian Hackett/Widow (Absent due to injury)
Janet Fullerlove - Marian Hacket/Widow                
Jonathan Livingstone - Curtis                  
Adrian Lukis - Lord                                       
John Marquez - Tranio                              
David Rintoul - Gremio                              
Sam Swainsbury - Hortensio   
Laura Wells - Cecily Hackett               
Terence Wilton - Baptista                         


Director - Lucy Bailey
Designer - Ruth Sutcliffe
Lighting - Oliver Fenwick
Movement - Liam Steel
Fights - Terry King
Music - John Eacott

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