Frequently asked questions about Priority Booking for Members and Supporters

Please note the following booking opening dates, for online and phone, for the newly announced February - September 2017 season. 

Gold Patrons' booking opens Monday 26 September

Silver Patrons' booking opens Tuesday 27 September

Bronze Patrons' and Shakespeare Circle booking opens Thursday 29 September

Members' and Friends', Full Members' and Full Friends' booking opens on Monday 3 October

Subscribers', Associate Members' and Associate Friends' booking opens on Monday 17 October

Public booking opens Monday 24 October

What time does booking open?

We usually open online and telephone booking at around 10am. We anticipate a high demand for tickets, so please be patient and have a number of performance dates in mind for your booking.

What is my Ticket Hotline?

Patrons, Members and Subscribers have their own dedicated phone numbers. Please refer to the front page of your Members' or Patrons' newsletter. Subscribers can find your number on your joining letter.

Do you limit the amount of tickets Patrons, Members and Subscribers can purchase during Priority Booking and Public Booking?

You can buy up to nine tickets for a single performance online or via the Box Office. If you are organising a group trip and wish to buy more than nine tickets, then you can benefit from group ticket discounts. Find out more at Please note that group tickets cannot be purchased online. You can buy tickets for multiple performances during Priority and Public Booking.

Can I upgrade my Membership?

If you are a Member and wish to become a Patron to access tickets earlier, please contact or telephone 01789 272283. If you are an Associate Member under the old scheme and wish to become a Member, we can only upgrade your Membership in the month of renewal, so if you wish to upgrade you will need to buy a new Membership by calling the Membership Office on 01789 403440 (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm)

Why have you increased the prices for Membership?

We have not increased the price of membership for over 5 years, but costs of printing, postage and the goods and services on which we give discounts have all risen in that time.

Why do you charge more for Overseas Membership?

It costs the RSC more to service Members outside of the UK. As a Member you receive at least four mailings per year, and the extra cost is to cover the additional postage costs for the RSC.

When will I receive my Members' joining pack?

On joining your pack will be with you within seven working days (if you are an Overseas Member please allow a few extra days for delivery).

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