My Shakespeare, The Folio Roadshow podcast

The People, History and Stories of Shakespeare's First Folio.

A podcast exploring the extraordinary stories of Shakespeare’s First Folio uncovered by RSC Artistic Director Emeritus, Gregory Doran.

In 1623, seven years after William Shakespeare’s death, his friends published 36 of his plays in what is now known as the First Folio. Without that book, many of his most famous plays, including Macbeth, Julius Caesar and Twelfth Night, may have been lost.

Four hundred years later, Greg ‘One of the great Shakespearians of his generation’ (Sunday Times), explores the remarkable history of the Folio, arguably the most famous secular text in the world. Travelling to libraries, museums and private collections in 10 countries, he visits as many as possible of the surviving copies of the First Folio in existence today.

My Shakespeare The Folio Roadshow

You can listen to My Shakespeare, The Folio Roadshow: The People, History and Stories of Shakespeare's First Folio on Podbean below. It will shortly be available on multiple podcast platforms.

Greg Doran

"My Folio Roadshow came about when I realised just how many extraordinary stories connect the 235 surviving copies, and I decided to see as many of them as I could and to share those stories. There’s the one with the bullet wound; one with muddy cat paw prints, or a rusty imprint of a pair of scissors, or a child’s rather rude drawing. The one owned by an 18th-century sculptor, and a millionaire in 1920s Hollywood. The owner who died on the Titanic, and the owner who wrote the lyrics to Spider-Man. The perfect copy in Germany, and the grubby copy in Skipton which might have been read by the Brontës. And the one shown to me at Windsor Castle by HRH King Charles III, once owned by his predecessor Charles I, and read before his execution."