Our series of films exploring the theatre careers you can pursue off stage.

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When you think of a career in the theatre, chances are you think first about the actors performing on the stage. But there are hundreds of other roles that make these shows possible, from the Designers who dream up the costumes and sets, to the Marketing Teams who excite audiences about the new productions.

Since 2015, we have worked closely with Samsung UK to inspire the future generation of innovators and creators through Shakespeare and technology, including most recently with the award-winning Romeo and Juliet takeover at Welcombe Hills School. Together, we have created this series of films to help you find out more about backstage roles in the theatre, and the people who do them.

Learning Department

"The more you know about different people and working with different people, the better practitioner you're going to be."

In this film, actor, director and theatre educator Charlotte Arrowsmith introduces a range of interviews with people who work at York Theatre Royal, Bradford Alhambra and Intermission Youth Theatre, to find out about what working with young people, schools and community groups involves.

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Digital technology

"What's really important when we look at technology is making sure it's accessible to people, available to people, and that we work with our live worlds and our digital worlds together."

Here, Saanvi from our Youth Advisory Board interviews Sarah Ellis about her role as Director of Digital Development at the RSC, and how roles for coders, programmers and other technical specialists will become increasingly important in the arts over the coming years.

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Robin Belfield talks to the camera.


The Director is "the person that brings together often quite a big group of people, a team of people, to do their best work in order to tell a story to an audience."

In this film, Robin Belfield talks to our Deputy Artistic Director Erica Whyman, and we ask Directors around the country what advice they would give to someone who wants to pursue this career.

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Designer Anisha Fields in her workshop.


"It's the Designer's job to work with the Director to imagine the world in which the play takes place." Dreaming up the costumes and sets that create the look of the production, Designers have to be both creative and practical in order to turn their visions into reality.

This film shows what's involved in getting sets and costumes from the original design stage onto the actual stage, and Designer Anisha Fields answers questions about her work.

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A Press Officer talks to camera.

Marketing and Press Officers

The teams in Marketing and Press work to get information about productions out to the public and the media, helping to sell tickets and bring more audiences into the theatre. It's all about communication, "getting the right messages out in the right way to the right people".

Here, we talk to Marketing and Press Officers from The Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham and the RSC about the different jobs they perform.

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Lighting technician Jess Addinall.

Lighting Designers and Technicians

"The magic of Lighting is that it can influence the feel or mood of what's on stage." In many theatres, the same person takes the roles of both Lighting Designer and Technician, which means designing and planning the lighting for a production, but also being involved in the practical set up and operation of the lighting rig.

In this video, Jess Addinall of Hull Truck Theatre talks about the demands of the job and how a young person interested in a career in theatre lighting might get started.

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