Whether you are three or 103, we believe Shakespeare and theatre have the power to change your life.

We help thousands of young people and their teachers experience the power of Shakespeare’s language in their schools every year. Our Shakespeare Nation project works with adults and community groups across the UK who normally wouldn’t think Shakespeare and theatre were for them. 

Our aim is to use what we do every day to address some of the issues of social justice facing the country and there are three vital ways our approaches to Shakespeare can achieve this: helping people to unlock their potential, providing opportunities to level the playing field and offering ways to challenge the issues facing our society today. Find out more about our aims. 

Whether you are a young person, a teacher or lecturer, or a lifelong learner, you’ll find something for you in the sections below.

Young person

"It might sound strange but it has changed me. I didn’t like coming to school and being told what was right and wrong. I know it’s only Shakespeare but we came in the room and they said you can read this text and have your own opinions – it was really good, really different."