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Juliet and Romeo kissing, she wears a long white denim shirt and her long hair comes down her back and he a short black jacket
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Our 2018-2019 production of Romeo and Juliet is available to watch until 4 November. 

The production is approximately 2.5 hours long but as an on-demand video, you can watch it at your own speed, focus on key scenes or pause for in-class discussions.

The film will be live until 5pm on Friday 4 November. We recommend starting the broadcast before midday on Friday to ensure you have time to watch the whole show.

The link below will take you to Vimeo where you can stream the full production. If you need help setting up to watch the broadcast, please read our Technical Requirements. If you are still experiencing technical problems, you can contact our team at schoolsbroadcast@rsc.org.uk

Please note that although the footage refers to the hashtag #RSCRomeoandJuliet this is no longer active on social media, so please don't use. 

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About the production

This contemporary production, directed by Erica Whyman in 2018, played in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Barbican in London, and on a 2019 national tour. 

The show featured Bally Gill and Karen Fishwick in the title roles, and used young people from the different regions as the Chorus alongside the professional cast.

In 2019, the tour visited Norwich, Newcastle, Bradford, Nottingham, Blackpool, Cardiff and Glasgow. 

Exploring the play

We have a number of resources to help students access and understand the play, including:

Below, you can watch a recording of the RSC's Live Lesson on Romeo and Juliet featuring Director Erica Whyman and actors Karen Fishwick (Juliet) and Andrew French (Friar Laurence). Streamed live to schools on Tuesday 2 April 2019, the lesson explores Act 4 Scene 1 and Act 3 Scene 2 and includes a Q&A with the actors.

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