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Macbeth (Reuben Joseph) is stood central and looking to the right. They wear a light grey military style jacket and tartan kilt. Three people are moving around Macbeth and in the background is a large boulder and gold-lit black shredded curtain.
Photo by Marc Brenner © RSC Browse and license our images

Our 2023 production of Macbeth will be available to watch from Monday 18 - Friday 22 March. 

The broadcast will be available from 10.30am on 18 March until midnight on 22 March. You can watch the broadcast in full in one session or in parts during this period of time. The running time is 2 hours 40 Minutes.

On the 18 March, the links below will take you to Vimeo where you can access the broadcast. If you need help setting up to watch the broadcast, please read our Technical Requirements. If you are still experiencing technical problems, you can contact our team at schoolsbroadcast@rsc.org.uk


We would be grateful if you could complete a short survey on the Broadcast in order to help us improve future events. 

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This production of Macbeth is set in a world of conflict and battle with stage fighting and choreography depicting murders and fights. Special effects are used including flashing lights, strobe lights, loud noises, haze, fire effects, smoking and gunshots. The plays also deal themes such as child loss, and abuse. The fight sequences are staged effectively and safely. Blades are used and there is a moment in Banquo’s murder (Act 3 Scene 3) which includes a plastic bag over Fleance’s head – Fleance breaks free from this.

A new speech for the Porter was written by comedian Stewart Lee. This scene has been carefully curated for schools but contains some content that students may be sensitive to.  We recommend that teachers watch the scene (which is 5 minutes long) ahead of the broadcast and prepare students accordingly.

Watch The Porter's Scene

A synopsis of the play can be found here - Synopsis 

If you want to know more about this production, please see our content advisory

About the 2023 production

The 2023 production of Macbeth was directed by Wils Wilson (Associate Director at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh). Wils directed and co-created The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart which has been touring non-theatre spaces internationally since 2010, winning numerous awards including a Drama Desk Award for its New York run. She has also directed Life is A Dream, recently winning multiple awards at the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland, including Best Director.

This production is a gripping, terrifying tale of our times where brutal actions have brutal consequences. The political and natural world is broken and the Macbeths seize this opportunity to rise through the ranks and control their destiny. But their ambitions unravel into a living nightmare in a world where boundaries are paper thin - between the natural and supernatural, love and hate, joy and despair.

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See some rehearsal and production images below. 


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