The Royal Shakespeare Company

The Tempest

William Shakespeare

Edited and directed by Aileen Gonsalves

Using an edited version of the original language, this new version of The Tempest is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare for 8-13 year olds

On a crazy island swirling with sounds, exiled Duke Prospero uses magic to create a home within the wilderness.

As his beloved daughter Miranda falls in love with a shipwrecked stranger from their homeland, she rebels against his power. Prospero must risk forgiving those who betrayed him, or lose her forever.

Fun, fantasy and sorcery collide in this gripping story of how love and reconciliation can conquer fear and control. It is an ideal first experience of Shakespeare for anyone aged eight and above. Using Shakespeare's original language, this edited version last 90 minutes and includes a fully interactive introduction to the world of the play.

A Teacher Pack is also available to help schools and students preparing to see the production.