Christopher Marlowe

Director Kimberley Sykes delves into Christopher Marlowe’s darkly humorous politics of identity and passion.

  • Swan Theatre


    15 Sep - 28 Oct 2017

  • Running time:

    1 hr 50 mins + 20 mins interval

Next performance:

15 September, 7:30PM

Swan Theatre

Aeneas is a refugee in exile, fleeing a war-torn Troy and seeking new roots in Europe. Shipwrecked in Carthage, the meddling gods intervene; they fill Queen Dido with all-consuming love for Aeneas. In Marlowe’s unsettling tale of sacrifice, the lovers must decide whether to follow their hearts or fulfil their political destinies. Dido, overwhelmed with passion, is propelled to her terrifying final act.

Director Kimberley Sykes (Associate Director, A Midsummer Night’s Dream tour, 2016) delves into Marlowe’s darkly humorous politics of identity and happiness, creating an urgent world where gods meet man, East meets West, sea meets land and fate hangs by an unforgiving thread.