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Your support is crucial to fulfilling the mission of our Education Department: to connect young people with Shakespeare. We work with young people between the ages of five and 19, their teachers, and prioritise those who don't have easy access to the RSC.

  • As the RSC presents all of Shakespeare's plays across the next 6 years, join us on our inspirational journey through Shakespeare's work in a new initiative called Young Shakespeare Nation. Whether you try a new play from scratch, a familiar play with a different approach or want to find links between your usual texts and some more unusual titles, the RSC Education team can help you every step of the way.
  • Open Access education workshops and projects are delivered in all of our performance venues and target areas. Last year we worked with 30,000 young people and 2,500 teachers.
  • Through our national Learning and Performance Network we promote and support creative approaches to the teaching, learning and performance of Shakespeare's plays. To date we have worked directly with 1,640 teachers and estimate that 65,000 students have benefited.
  • First Encounter Shakespeare productions serve as a powerful first exposure to live Shakespeare.
  • Our online learning resources are expanding with each play we stage, offering anyone the opportunity to access director's talks, rehearsal room practices, performance histories and a wealth of additional material.
  • We have piloted RSC teaching methods for Shakespeare internationally through partnerships with Ohio State University and Horace Mann School, New York.


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