Key Scenes

Pick one of these key scenes from Much Ado About Nothing to investigate the language.

As you explore you will find extracts from the text, notes and images or video content from the scenes. You can also find out more with our Activity Toolkit

Teacher Notes

The following activities will help you explore some of these scenes with students using the RSC’s rehearsal room approaches.

Setting the Scene (2014)

The activity can be found on pages 4-5.

The Gulling Scenes (2014)

The activities on Benedick and Beatrice’s gulling scenes can be found on pages 6-7.

The Wedding (2014)

The activity on the wedding in which Claudio refuses to marry Hero and Beatrice then asks Benedick to ‘kill Claudio’ can be found on pages 7-8.

Each activity can take between 20 and 40 minutes depending on time allowed for exploration and reflection.

You can also watch RSC actors rehearsing and performing key scenes on this page. After completing the above activities you might want to share these videos with students and ask them to think about why the actors have chosen the interpretation they have chosen.