Who's Who

Find out who's who in Much Ado about Nothing. 
  • Beatrice

    Beatrice is unmarried and lives with her uncle, Leonato, and cousin, Hero.

  • Benedick

    Signor Benedick is a bachelor from Padua. He is a soldier and companion of Don Pedro and Claudio.

  • Hero

    Hero is the only child of Leonato, governor of Messina. She looks up to her cousin Beatrice.

  • Claudio

    Claudio is a soldier and companion of Don Pedro and Benedick. He has recently been honoured for bravery.

  • Leonato

    Leonato is the governor of Messina in Italy. He shares his house with his only child, Hero, and his niece, Beatrice.

  • Don Pedro

    Don Pedro is a prince and commander of the army. He has recently won a battle and has reconciled with his half-brother Don John.

  • Don John

    Don John is Don Pedro’s half-brother. He recently reconciled with his brother but is very bitter.

  • Dogberry

    Dogberry is the Chief Constable of the Watch in Messina. He takes his job very seriously.

  • Margaret

    Margaret is a waiting woman to Hero, along with Ursula, and works for Leonato.

  • Borachio

    Borachio, along with Conrad, is a follower of Don John.