Who's who

  • Viola

    Viola is a young woman who is shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria. She disguises herself as a young man called Cesario and goes to work for Orsino.

  • Olivia

    Olivia is a wealthy heiress in Illyria. Her father and brother have recently died.

  • Orsino

    Orsino is a duke and the governor of Illyria. He is in love with Olivia even though she is not interested in him.

  • Sir Toby Belch

    Sir Toby Belch is related to Olivia. He is often drunk and enjoys playing tricks on people.

  • Malvolio

    Malvolio is Olivia’s steward, the manager of her household. He dislikes Sir Toby’s drunken behaviour and dreams of marrying Olivia.

  • Sir Andrew

    Sir Andrew is staying with his friend Sir Toby and hopes to marry Olivia. He has a lot of money.

  • Maria

    Maria is Olivia’s maid. She looks out for Sir Toby and likes to impress him.

  • Feste

    Feste is Olivia’s jester, or fool. He also sometimes works for Orsino.

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian is Viola’s twin brother. He was rescued from the shipwreck by Antonio and he thinks his sister drowned at sea.

  • Antonio

    Antonio is a sea captain. He rescued Sebastian from the shipwreck and follows him when they arrive in Illyria.

Teacher Notes

The following activity is a great way to introduce the characters and ideas from the play for the first time.

Discovering the Characters (2017)

The activity can be found on pages 3-4 and takes approximately 30 minutes.

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