Production 2008


Neil Bartlett chose 1940/50s Italy as the setting for his 2008 production.

The costumes had hints of The Sopranos and The Godfather and Neil deliberately made no visual distinction between the Capulets and Montagues - this similarity betwen the Houses emphasised the futility of their feud.

Instead of a balcony, Juliet (Anneika Rose) spoke her most famous lines from her bed, the cast-iron bedstead forming a barrier between her and Romeo (Daniel Dawson).

With a set created mainly from chairs and the bed, the production climaxes with the back wall splitting open to reveal the crypt and the tomb sliding downstage, surrounded by railing which Romeo cut through to be with Juliet.

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Photo by Ellie Kurttz shows Juliet (Anneika Rose) surprising Romeo (David Dawson) with a kiss in the RSC's 2008 production of Romeo and Juliet © RSC


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