Other scenes

To help you explore other important scenes from the play, watch the videos below to learn more about how the 2011 production was staged.

  • Watch: Act 1 Scene 2

    Watch this version of Act 1 Scene 2 as a group of working men meet up to put on a play for the court. What do you think of the staging choices in this scene?

  • Watch: Clowning around

    Explore comic timing, playing for laughs and how to make Bottom funny with this video about the language of comedy.

  • Watch: Quince v Bottom

    Watch the cast discuss Bottom and Quince battling to be the most important person in Act 1 Scene 2. What do you learn about these characters?

  • Watch: Playing Helena

    The director and cast explore the different ways of playing Helena in this video. What do you learn about her character?

  • Watch: Helena and Demetrius

    Think more about the characters of Helena and Demetrius with this video.

  • Watch: Oberon and Titania

    Watch this clip of Titania and Oberon meeting in the forest in Act 2 Scene 1. What do you think of the way the characters are presented?

  • Watch: Titania's language

    In this video, the cast explore how Titania shows Oberon the impact of their argument on the world. What do you think of the language and imagery in this speech?

  • Watch: Fairies workshop

    This video discusses the importance of the child at the centre of Titania and Oberon's argument.