Henry VI: Rebellion Content Advisory

Live theatre is exciting. It can be loud, bright, shocking at times, and occasionally some of the effects we use, or the themes our productions explore, can trigger distressing emotions.

If there are specific themes you are concerned about that aren’t covered below, you can call our Box Office team on 01789 331111, from midday to 6pm (UK time) Monday to Friday to find out more about the show and what it contains.

King Henry VI sits on a throne with his hands in his lap. In the background on a screen there is a large red eye.


This is a play by written by William Shakespeare, and is in his language.
As with many stories, some of the themes explore death; there are a few fight scenes, and knives are used. The running time is just over three hours.

Effects and Props

  • There is simulated beheading of a character; whilst this happens on stage, it is not in direct audience eyeline, and there is no imitation blood
  • The imitation severed head is then brought on stage at a later point
  • Abseiling cast members in the middle of the show with a loud, thunderous sound effect
  • As part of a conjuring spell there is a small bang and smoke
  • Cast members arriving and leaving from all points of the stage, which could be surprising
  • There is running and shouting throughout the play
  • Actors carry flames and candles through the audience
  • Video projections happen throughout the performance 


  • Henry VI: Rebellion is a dramatic play which has fight scenes, scenes of murder and death, and beheading
  • There is sadness throughout the play, with actors crying onstage
  • There are several themes of betrayal and characters purposefully misleading one another