Live theatre is exciting. It can be loud, bright, shocking at times, and occasionally some of the effects we use or the themes our productions explore trigger distressing emotions.

If there are specific themes you are concerned about that aren’t covered below, you can call our Box Office team on 01789 331111, from midday to 6pm (UK time) Monday to Friday to find out more about the show and what it contains.

Kate DiCamillo's The Magician's Elephant - A new musical by Nancy Harris and Marc Teitler

The Magician's Elephant

The show is adapted from a children’s book by Kate DiCamillo and is a show created for families. We suggest it is suitable from around six years old, but we know you know your own children best. As with many fairytales, some of the themes explore loss, sadness and grief, but there is a happy ending.

Effects and Props

  • Two gunshots are fired in the second half of the show. The character briefly warns he will shoot and then fires into the sky.

  • One of the characters carries around a gun for much of the show although only fires it once, as above.

  • Bright light – a ‘blinder light’ effect is used at a single point late in the show. The light briefly flashes the audience directly in the eyes. It’s a slow flash, not like a quick-flashing strobe.

  • Loud trumpet sound with very deep bass.

  • Vivid flashing projections of spiders and cats eyes.

  • Life-sized elephant puppet.


  • Baltese is a sad town recovering from a war and there are references to death, including parents and siblings dying and a man bleeding to death on the battlefield. No blood or images of violence are seen in the show.

  • Repeated references to a baby dying, with the word “stillborn” used once.

  • One of the characters clearly suffers from something similar to post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the war and gets upset at one moment thinking about his fallen comrades.

  • One character is injured by the elephant: her legs are crushed and she needs to use a wheelchair.

  • At one point, we are told that the elephant is so sad that she feels she wants to die.

  • Infertility is discussed by two characters who wanted children.