We want to make everything we do accessible. Find out about our induction loop and audio headsets available to use if you are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing.

We can offer you access to an induction loop at our theatres. Alternatively, you can pick up a headset from the Cloakroom. This comprises of headphones and a radio pack. You can choose between single or double earpieces, and they all come with instructions. You can try this system at the Cloakroom.

For The Other Place, headsets are available from the Front/Welcome desk. 

Using the Induction Loop Induction Loop Icon
Using the induction loop

You can connect to the induction loop via your hearing aid. Do this by switching your hearing aid to the T position. This is only audible inside the auditorium.

What is a loop?

The loop is simply a long piece of wire that broadcasts a radio signal (like an antenna). It is built into the floor under the seats on every level; meaning that you will never be more than a few feet from it. This means that the signal strength will be the same regardless of where you are seated. Please note that we have a loop in each theatre but no infra red loop facility.

Where are the microphones that feed the loop?

The microphones that feed into the loop are located at the front of the circle in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Swan Theatre. In essence, this is where you will be hearing the actors from, wherever you are seated.

The loop system in the Studio Theatre is designed to work in any of the possible seating configurations that we may have in there. 

Will it be clearer if I switch between the two?

Clarity will be no different whichever device you choose as both use the same microphones and share the same signal.

Will it be louder if I use both hearing aids and headphones at the same time?

Using headsets over a hearing aid in the normal position (not T) may work for you, but it's best to use either the headset or the aids, never both.

What do I do if my headset/hearing aid doesn't appear to be working?

Our headsets and the loop itself are tested before each performance. Therefore, any problems you might be experiencing are likely to be caused by flat batteries or the connection of your headset or hearing aid, rather than the loop itself.

In some cases older model 3G mobile phones in the immediate area can interfere with your signal, so ensure your phone is switched completely off during the performance. If you encounter problems, double check your device or find the Front of House Assistant closest to you (even during the performance) and they will replace your headset and do everything they can to assist you.

Hearing Loop Points

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre has loop points on the Box Office counter, Shop and Cloakroom. 

At The Other Place, they are placed on the Box Office counter, Susie’s Café Bar and the Welcome Desk. 

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