Reviews and audience reactions

'Gregory Doran's productions are a triumphant achievement'
The Times

'Rich, absorbing and pulsing with life'
The Times

'Sher is tremendous'
The Times

'Antony Sher's magnificent and exquisitely pitched Falstaff is at the heart of this beautifully detailed production.'
Financial Times

'Stephen Brimson Lewis's brilliantly versatile set designs'
Time Out - read the full review

'Jasper Britton's Henry IV is a God-fearing, watery-eyed king, wracked with guilt for killing his predecessor.'
Time Out

'Superb comic timing of Oliver Ford Davies's Justice Shallow and Jim Hooper's Justice Silence'
Time Out

'Alex Hassell and Trevor White wow as the two Harrys'
Huffington Post - read the full review

'Stunning, stunning, stunning. I cannot recommend this enough'
Huffington Post

'Sher's Magnificent, magnetic Falstaff '
Guardian - read the full review

 'Shakespeare's two greatest plays'

'A production that combines richness of texture with psychological insight.'

'Jasper Britton's fine Henry IV…inspired casting of Oliver Ford Davies as the rustic Justice Shallow'

'A sublime blend of fathomless gloom and mad merriment. Strongly recommended'
Independent - read the full review

'A crack company: Alex Hassell's excellent Hal, Jasper Britton's emotionally turbulent Henry, Paola Dionisotti's Dot Cotton-like take on Quickly'

'All hail! Gregory Doran gives a strong statement of intent for his own reign at Stratford.'
Daily Mail - read the full review

'Alex Hassell as a strikingly handsome Hal and Trevor White as a madly aggressive Hotspur'
Daily Mail

'Paola Dionisotti's Mistress Quickly is a touching, busybody delight'
Daily Telegraph - read the full review

'Justice Shallow and Justice Silence – played here to addled, vacant-eyed perfection by Oliver Ford Davies and Jim Hooper'
Daily Telegraph

'Gregory Doran's new production is a treat' - read the full review

'the engaging and playful Alex Hassell'

'Paola Dionsiotti gives a masterclass in how to imbue a relatively minor role with richness and detail'

'comic genius of Oliver Ford Davies's Shallow and Jim Hooper's Silence. A true joy to behold'

'Alex Hassell is a charming Hal…Jasper Britton's excellent King Henry'
Evening Standard - read the full review here

'it is Sher's irrepressible Falstaff that will linger in the memory – a lord or misrule who's absurd, delightful and in the end deeply sad'
Evening Standard

'Gregory Doran's excellent productions of Parts I and II'
The Stage - read the full review here

'these productions are a real treat: intelligent, accessible and superbly performed'
The Stage

'Sher's Falstaff is a joy'
The Stage

Henry IV Parts I & II

by William Shakespeare

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