Antony Sher gallery

  • Richard III

    Antony Sher joined us at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1982. In 1984 he played Richard III and has performed with us regularly since. In 2004 he wrote about the experience of playing Richard saying: "I was terrified of the verse, ashamed of my inexperience with it, and nursing a secret fear that I was trespassing anyway." Audiences and critics disagreed. Picture by Reg Wilson.

  • Shylock - Merchant of Venice

    Antony Sher played Shylock in the The Merchant of Venice in 1987. Here Shylock prepares to take his pound of flesh from Antonio in Act 4 Scene 1. The production was directed by Bill Alexander, sets designed by Kit Surrey, costumes designed by Andreane Neofitou. Picture by Reg Wilson.

  • The Fool - King Lear

    In 1982 Antony Sher played the Fool in King Lear. Here Kent (Malcolm Storry), King Lear (Michael Gambon) and the Fool (Antony Sher) brave the storm in Act 3 Scene 2. The production was directed by Adrian Noble and designed by Bob Crowley. Picture by Joe Cocks.

  • Malvolio - Twelth Night

    In 1987 Antony Sher also played Malvolio in Twelfth Night. Here Sir Toby (Roger Allam) is calling Malvolio a 'mere servant' after he is chastised for his midnight debauchery in Act 2 Scene 3.The production was directed by Bill Alexander, set designed by Kit Surrey and costumes designed by Deirdre Clancy. Photography by Joe Cocks.

  • Tamburlaine - Tamburlaine The Great

    In 1993 Antony Sher played Tamburlaine in Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine The Great. Here a blood-stained Tamburlaine embraces Zenocrate (Claire Benedict). The production was directed by Terry Hands and designed by Johan Engels. Photograph by Reg Wilson.

  • Macbeth

    In 1999 Antony Sher played Macbeth alongside Harriet Walter as Lady Macbeth. The production was directed by our current artistic director Gregory Doran adapted from his original 1999 production in the Swan Theatre. Photograph by J. Dockar-Drysdale.

  • Malevole - The Malcontent

    In 2002, Antony Sher played Malevole in John Marston's Jacobean play - The Malcontent.
    It was directed by Dominic Cooke and designed by Robert Innes Hopkins. Here Maquerelle (Claire Benedick, left) and Malevole (Antony Sher) talk.

  • Leontes - The Winter's Tale

    Antony Sher played Leontes opposite Alexandra Gilbreath (as Hermione) in The Winter's Tale in 1999. This production was directed by Gregory Doran and designed by Robert Jones. In this picture from Act I, Scene 2, Leontes takes Hermione's hand and kisses it. Photograph by Bob Collier.

  • Prospero - The Tempest

    In the 2009 production of The Tempest which went on tour to South Africa, Antony Sher played Prospero. The production was in association with the Baxter Theatre Centre, South Africa and was directed by Janice Honeyman and designed by Illka Louw. Photograph by Ellie Kurtz.

  • Iago - Othello

    Sello Kaake Ka-Ncube played Othello opposite Antony Sher as Iago in the production of Othello in 2004. It was directed by Greg Doran and designed by Stephen Brimson Lewis. This picture is taken during Act III, scene iii. Photography by Manuel Harlan.

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