Photos of the cast

  • Joe Bannister - Lord Cheyne

    Joe Bannister who plays Lord Cheyne in Arden of Faversham.

  • Ian Bonar - Michael

    Ian Bonar who plays Michael in Arden of Faversham.

  • Elspeth Brodie - Susan

    Elspeth Brodie who plays Susan in Arden of Faversham.

  • Colin Anthony Brown

    Colin Anthony Brown who plays Bradshaw in Arden of Faversham

  • Keir Charles - Mosby

    Keir Charles who plays Mosby in Arden of Faversham.

  • Geoffrey Freshwater - Franklin

    Geoffrey Freshwater who plays Franklin in Arden of Faversham.

  • Lizzie Hopley

    Lizzie Hopley who plays Mrs Reed in the Arden of Faversham.

  • Joan Iyiola - Company

    Joan Iyiola who plays a member of the Watch in the Arden of Faversham.

  • Tony Jayawardena - Shakebag

    Tony Jayawardena who plays Shakebag in Arden of Faversham.

  • Christopher Middleton - Clarke

    Christopher Middleton who plays Clarke in Arden of Faversham.

  • Ken Nwosu - hangar

    Ken Nwosu who plays the Ferryman in Arden of Faversham.

  • Ian Redford - Arden

    Ian Redford who plays Arden in Arden of Faversham.

  • Jay Simpson

    Jay Simpson who plays Black Will in the Arden of Faversham.

  • Sharon Small - Alice Arden

    Sharon Small who plays Alice Arden in Arden of Faversham.

Arden of Faversham

by anonymous

Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
30 April - 2 October 2014

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