This month we've created a Coriolanus inspired Cocktail.

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You can make this Coriolanus inspired Cocktail at home or pop in to our Cocktail Bar at the RSC and enjoy having one of our bartenders make it for you.

You'll need:
25ml limoncello
12.5ml vodka
12.5ml amaretto
12.5ml vanilla syrup
12.5ml lemon juice
25ml milk
25ml double cream
Lemon peel
Chocolate powder
Crushed ice
Cubed ice
A cocktail shaker and strainer
A martini glass

First fill your martini glass with crushed ice.
In the other glass pour in the limoncello, amaretto, vodka, vanilla syrup and lemon juice.
Add in the milk and double cream and cubed ice.
Shake well and empty your martini glass.
Pour into the martini glass through a strainer.
Garnish the drink with a lemon peel and chocolate powder and enjoy!

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