This month we've created a Titus Andronicus inspired Mocktail.


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You can make this Titus Andronicus inspired Mocktail at home or pop in to our Cocktail Bar at the RSC and enjoy having one of our bartenders make it for you.

You'll need:
50ml Soda water
20ml Lemon juice
15ml Grenadine
15ml Blackcurrant juice
1 Lemon
Lemon peeler
A straw
Crushed ice
A glass

First fill your glass with crushed ice, then pour in the soda water and lemon juice.
Top the glass up with crushed ice and pour in the grenadine and blackcurrant juice.
Peel the lemon and let the juice spray over the drink. 
Twirl the peel around a straw then slip it off so the peel is in a spiral.
Garnish the drink with the peel and enjoy!

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