This searing new play set in 19th century London reveals the uncomfortable truth about a multi-billion pound pay off promised to slave owners as compensation for the abolition of slavery.


Set at the dawn of social reform laws in England, The Whip examines the fight to pass the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act.

Whig Party Chief Whip Alexander Boyd is attempting to steer the Bill through parliament; however, he must contend with the Tories, public opinion, and ultimately, his conscience.

Behind the scenes, runaway slaves Mercy Pryce, Edmund, and ex-cotton worker Horatia Poskitt unleash their own competing battles to improve the conditions for those not yet heard in parliament.

Meanwhile, slave owning Home Secretary Lord Maybourne, who insists the Bill will be a moral victory which serves British democracy without bloodshed in the colonies or at home, has rival political ambitions of his own.

As morality and corruption erupt in a world of men hoping to profit from emancipation, the covered up death of a child in a northern cotton mill threatens to unravel all.