Read the reviews for Juliet Gilkes Romero's new play, The Whip

★★★★Sunday Times

‘Outstanding among a gifted cast are Richard Clothier… Corey Montague-Sholay… and Katherine Pearce’

‘A stirring score by Akintayo Akinbode’

‘Compellingly unexpected’


‘Richard Clothier is charismatic and constantly interesting to watch’

‘There's much atmosphere derived from Akintayo Akinbode's intelligent score and Ciaran Bagnall’s supportive lighting and design’

‘A window into a difficult, dirty moment in British history’

‘A powerful commentary on how we are governed’

★★★★The Stage

‘Rich, complex, troubling’

‘Juliet Gilkes Romero has written a smart and rich play, with a breadth and complexity that leaves the audience thinking deeply about legacy’

‘A stately Richard Clothier’

‘Katherine Pearce brings humour and sincerity to the role of the defiant Horatia Poskitt’

★★★★Daily Telegraph

‘Go see this refreshing history lesson’

‘Katherine Pearce’s dartingly forthright Horatia’

‘Whip-scarred abolitionist Mercy Pryce… played with bright force by Debbie Korley’

The Times

‘Gripping and affecting’

‘Ciaran Bagnall lights his sets with alluring delicacy’

‘Stimulating and ultimately winning new play’


‘A riveting 19th-century political drama’

‘Full of pace, intrigue, tension, and political machination’

‘Edmund, Lord Boyd’s charge … is a complicated, angry, intelligent human, evocatively drawn by Corey Montague-Sholay.’

‘Katherine Pearce brings great humanity to her part as Lord Boyd’s maid, Horatia’

‘A magnificent performance from Debbie Korley as Mercy Pryce’

Financial Times

‘House of Cards with muttonchop whiskers’

‘The cast are uniformly sharp’

‘Especially powerful is Corey Montague-Sholay’s idealistic escaped slave Edmund’