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★★★★Evening Standard

‘A landmark production as women take charge’


‘Claire Price’s Petruchia, with her wild, confident wig of ebullient curls and bouncing stride’

‘It’s delightful to see the RSC in full flow with an array of sumptuous Elizabethan costumes’

★★★★The Times

‘Deftly provocative and exuberantly entertaining’

‘Pacy, engaging, and slyly revealing’

‘There’s a joy, here, in the swagger of the language and curlicues of the plotting that is sweetened by the role reversals’

‘Hannah Clark’s costumes are extravagantly gorgeous’

‘Joseph Arkley’s furious, cropped-haired Kate’

‘Claire Price’s roistering, reckless Petruchia’

‘Sophie Stanton as Gremia…is an especial delight’

‘Bianco… a pert James Cooney’



‘Thrillingly delivered by a wonderful ensemble cast’

‘Brilliantly smart Claire Price as Petruchia…well-judged, nuanced Joseph Arkley as her Katherine. The pair work superbly together’

‘Delightfully ingenuous James Cooney [as Bianco]’

‘Fabulous timing of Sophie Stanton as his older suitor Gremia…sublime antics with costume, props and facial expressions’

★★★★The Stage

‘Funny, eye-opening and illuminating’

‘Costume designer Hannah Clark has kitted the women out with sumptuous skirts, worn as status symbols, and helmet-like wigs’

‘Claire Price’s renegade Veronese Petruchia…combines the dash and swagger of Lord Flashheart with the impish energy of Carol Kane’

‘[Joseph] Arkley delivers the final speech of capitulation with a vulnerable but dignified air’

‘Sophie Stanton’s Gremia can raise a laugh with a well-timed sigh’

‘Laura Elsworthy as Trania brings wit and clarity’

‘Highlights the imbalance and injustice’

★★★★The Sunday Times

‘Justin’s Audibert’s RSC production extracts every laugh from the subplot’

‘Bonkers but..brilliant’

‘Claire Price… rocks as Petruchia’

The Guardian

‘Claire Price…makes Petruchia a likeable swaggerer’

‘[Joseph] Arkley is at his best in the notorious final speech…delivers with an unaffected charm’

‘James Cooney’s vain, head-tossing Bianco’

‘Emily Johnstone’s…amorous Lucentia is a dippy, upper-class girl’

‘Laura Elsworthy as her inventive aide-de-camp [Trania]’

‘Amy Trigg as Biondella relishes the best line in the play’

Daily Telegraph

‘Joseph Arkley’s bolshy Katherine…combines vulnerability with quiet valiance’

‘Claire Price’s enjoyably flamboyant, messy-haired Petruchia’

‘The leads spark off each other nicely’

‘Theatrically striking shift in the balance of power’