What our audiences say on social media

"My family and I laughed, cried and gasped with joy at the wonder of it all."

"Delightfully fabulous. With the best dog ever in theatre. See it if you can. A real treat."

"Absolutely loved it. Everything about it. Laughed. Cried. Sang. Clapped. Cheered. Utterly wonderful. Going again, for sure!"

"One of the most exciting productions I have ever seen - we bought our 9 and 7 year old sons to see the show and we all loved every second of it."

"Beautifully performed & great music... Also melted my heart to hear a small human on the row behind’s excited whisper of ‘Daddy, he’s like me!’ 🖤"


‘A wonderfully warm-hearted and well-cast show’

‘A delirious comic dynamism in this wonderfully warm-hearted show’

‘pure joy’

★★★★★Financial Times

‘A joyous piece of theatre’

‘Terrific new musical’

‘A lovely, life affirming show’

★★★★★Stratford Herald

‘Spangly and sensational’

‘Dazzling spectacle’

‘Joyously marries disco soul to Britpop pomp’

‘Solid gold tunes’

★★★★★Broadway World

‘Pure magic’

‘a delicious treat from start to finish’

★★★★★Birmingham Mail

‘Uplifting, energetic and hugely entertaining’

‘An action packed family musical’

‘uplifting, funny, energetic and entertaining and guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face’

★★★★★Reviews Hub

‘An outstanding young cast’

‘A must-see show for audience members young and old’


‘Rousing songs by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers’


‘Robert Jones provides a giddily enchanting set’

‘Ravenhill's script is a triumph’

★★★★★Morning Star

‘A must-see celebration of togetherness’


‘A cheerful, [tuneful] celebration of the desire to be different’

‘Gregory Doran’s swift, sharp production’

‘A warm-hearted show’


‘Guy Chambers’s and Robbie Williams’s music and lyrics snap, crackle and pop’


‘A tale of acceptance, joy and empowerment which will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside’

★★★★Evening Standard

‘Irresistible family show’

‘A bouncy, boisterous and above all humane celebration of those who dare to be different’

★★★★BBC News

‘Wears its heart on its sequined sleeve’

★★★★Sunday Times

‘It’s going to be huge.’

‘The RSC’s The Boy in the Dress arrives on such an awesome wave of talent it’s pointless to resist.’