BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning writers Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto relocated Molière's provocative French classic, first performed in 1664, to Birmingham's Pakistani Muslim community in 2018.


Director Iqbal Khan

"Molière’s Tartuffe is a mix of Blackadder and Rasputin... A charismatic leader and seductive liar... A great improviser and dangerously enigmatic."

The story

The well-off Pervaiz household, living in modern Birmingham, are in uproar. Dad, Imran, has welcomed in the charismatic and devout Tahir Taufiq Arsuf, or Tartuffe to the sceptical. Imran’s new wife, Amira, is isolated from the children and under fire from her ferocious mother-in-law, Dadimaa. Darina, the Bosnian maid, knows where the dirt is hidden and can be trusted to clean up after - ‘til now...

Will Tartuffe succeed in winning the souls of the family, getting the son kicked out, marrying the daughter and having it off with the wife? Or can Darina, with the help of Amira, find a way to save Imran from himself and heal the family? It all ends with a wedding... But whose..?!