We asked you to Share Your Shakespeare and you did! Here are some of your contributions.

A poor thing ……………… but mine own - Clive Payne

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace until the virus ends,
When the last recorded case is done and gone,
With thanks to the heroes who have lighted
the way from dusty death. Out, out, you virus!
Life's been but a daily walk, Skype, Zoom and jigsaws,
That have strut and fret away our locked in hours,
But some may now be heard no more. It will be a tale,
Told by us all, full of praise and thanks, for those,
Who bravely helped us. Signifying everything.

Tim Pearce

Tim shared a clip of his local theatre group performing the Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) - in which Tim also appears as Professor Pearce - you can find the video here.

Mo O'Hara - Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex 

Mo shared this video of her reading her book Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex - you can watch it here.


Shakespeare memories

Many of you also sent in your favourite Shakespeare memories, including Stan Clingman

"Two or three years ago I bought a copy of Jonathan Bate's book on Shakespeare SOUL OF THE AGE. Bringing it home I placed it on one of my bookshelves and promptly forgot that I had bought it. Three months ago I was clearing some shelves in order to take some books to Oxfam when there was Soul Of The Age looking at me rather forlornly, no doubt wondering where I had been for all those years. I decided to read it immediately.
The book, of course, was beautifully written, full of insights into Shakespeare's life and works. I was particularly intrigued by the many references to the First Folio. I had always known of its existence--and that you had to be a multi-millionaire to own one-- but I did not know that there were only 233 copies extant and that over eighty of these were held in The Folger Library in the United States. More surprising to me was that if two of Shakespeare's colleagues Henry Condell and John Hemmings had not collected the plays and had them published, we might never have known of approximately half of the plays, as these could quite easily have been lost over the years.
I wondered if any publisher in the recent past had published a Facsimile Edition of the First Folio and, going onto the internet, was delighted to see that Norton in the States had published Facsimiles in the 1960's and 1990's. Even more surprising, and delightful to me, I found that there were new copies still available
I am now a very happy owner of a Shakespeare First Folio."

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