As a valued Patron, you are invited to our entire programme of annual events. Here is an overview of one of our most popular events, Showcase Day, which took place in May 2019.

Showcase Day 2019 was packed full of exciting sessions, giving our guests a glimpse of the range of work we do and how their support underpins it all.

The sessions included a fascinating talk from Director of Education Jacqui O’Hanlon, a chance to explore the world of theatre design with Director of Design Stephen Brimson Lewis and a presentation from Assisted Performances Coordinator Josefa MacKinnon on the many ways in which we make theatre more accessible for everyone.

Guests were also treated to a panel discussion with members of the current RST and Swan Companies and host Nicky Cox, and an opportunity to experience a practical Education workshop around The Taming of the Shrew with one of our practitioners. Our Head of Music, Bruce O’Neill, and a selection of musicians and performers then brought the day to a close with a journey through the history of music and how it is used in the theatre.

The new date for Showcase Day 2020 will be announced soon, so please check your next newsletter for more information.

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