The Cast:

Andrew Koji - Worker Fang / Ox-Head / Police Officer
Andrew Leung - Rocket Wu
Jonathan Raggett - Worker Zhou / People's Armed Police Officer
Richard Rees - Worker Huang / People's Armed Police Officer / Judge Wu
Colin Ryan - Handsome Zhang
Kevin Shen - People's Armed Police Officer
Daniel York - Doctor Lu / Master Zhang
Jacqueline Chan - Mother Cai / Worker
Wendy Kweh - Tianyun
Sarah Lam - Madam Wong
Katie Leung - Dou Yi
Lucy Sheen - Worker Chen

The creatives:

Director - Justin Audibert
Designer - Lily Arnold
Lighting - Anna Watson
Music - Ruth Chan
Sound - Claire Windsor
Movement - Lucy Cullingford
Fights - Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown

Adaptation by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig, based on the classical Chinese drama by Guan Hanqing.