Vic Lee for the RSC

Vic Lee for the RSC

An exclusive range celebrating Shakespeare’s influence on the English language.

Cushion - £12


Vic Lee cushion

Mug - £8


Vic Lee mug

Bag - £20 


Vic Lee bag

Apron - £18


Vic Lee apron

Tea towel - £7


Vic Lee tea towel

Notebook - £5


Vic Lee notebook

A word from the artist... 


It was a pleasure working with the RSC creating the mural at the Rialto Bridge. So when the company asked me to work on a range of products for them in a similar vein to the mural, I was more than happy to get involved. 


I found it fascinating how much Shakespeare is in our everyday lives, mostly without actually realising. The phrases and quotes from his writings play an integral part in our vocal terminology, so I wanted to create a range that celebrated this. Taking well known sayings and combining them together to create an organic and charming phrase, has a slight of charm and some wit, but also with a nod to Shakespeare. Illustrative elements around the artworks celebrate certain characters and situations that are not immediately obvious - unless you know your Shakespeare that is...


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