Film adaptation of The Tragedy of Macbeth featuring Marek Oravec.
The film is set in 11th Century Scotland as Shakespeare intended, but casts Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as a pair of eager twenty-somethings thirsty for fame and fortune. Marek Oravec and Hannah Taylor Gordon make for a beautiful and intense on-screen couple and an international cast brings fresh life to the myriad of supporting roles.

The play might be 400 years old but the story resonates perfectly with today's fame-driven world. The Macbeths are the celebrities of their age; filthy rich, successful and beautiful, but they are seduced into believing that they deserve even more and they jump at the chance to take it. With no regard for the consequences, their reckless impatience leads them to a spiral of violence ending in madness and death, and a final self-realisation.

Marek Oravec as Macbeth
Hannah Taylor Gordon as Lady Macbeth
Hal Fowler as Macduff
Killian Scott as Banquo
Andrew Lummis as Duncan
Monica Reyes as Lady Macduff
Fred Stewart as Malcolm
Dan O'Brien as Lennox
Arno Hazebroek as Angus
Frankie Walker as First Witch
Sinead Brennan as Second Witch
Diana Kashlan as Third Witch

Certificate 12
Running Time 92 mins
Region 0
Main Language English

Number of Discs 1

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