Coriolanus (DVD, 2012)

The common people of Rome are hungry – never has the social inequality between themselves and the wealthy ruling classes been so apparent. Riots are widespread and the people’s fury rapidly becomes focussed on the Republic’s most courageous general, Caius Martius, who has publicly expressed his scorn for their suffering. Rome is also at war with the Volsces, a neighbouring state whose guerrilla-style army is led by Martius’s sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius.. Following the latest, brazen Volscian taunt, Martius and his comrade-at-arms Titus Lartius are called to a council of war by their commanding officer, General Cominius . Rome must retaliate. Martius’s outstanding courage and leadership on the field of battle secures the Volscian city of Corioles for Rome. It is a crushing defeat for the Volscians and, in honour of his victory; Martius is awarded the title Coriolanus meaning conqueror of Corioles. The anger of the Roman people has now subsided and Coriolanus has become a hero. With his recent triumph, Coriolanus’s politically ambitious mother Volumnia joyfully anticipates her son being elected to the powerful Senate position of Consul. Influential Roman Senator, and Coriolanus’s political mentor, Menenius encourages him. Always in the background, Coriolanus’s gentle and loving wife, Virgilia worries for her husband’s continued safety

Ralph Fiennes as Caius Martius Coriolanus
Gerard Butler as Tullus Aufidius
Vanessa Redgrave as Volumnia
Brian Cox as Menenius
Jessica Chastain as Virgilia
John Kani as General Cominius
James Nesbitt as Sicinius
Paul Jesson as Brutus
Lubna Azabal as Tamora
Ashraf Barhom as Cassius
Slavko Štimac as Volsce lieutenant
Dragan Mićanović as Titus
Radoslav Milenković as Volsce politician
Harry Fenn as Young Martius
Jon Snow as TV Anchorman

Certificate 15
Running Time 123 mins
Region 2
Main Language English
Subtitles English
Release Date 04/06/2012

Number of Discs 1
Special Features
Interactive Menus

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