Music and speeches from the 2014 Royal Shakespeare Company production directed by Gregory Doran.

Running time: 49 mins (approx)

This CD features music from the current production composed by Paul Englishby and also music from the 1991 production produced by Edward Gregson.

Track list:

1) Urbs Beata Jerusalem (Paul Englishby)
2) So shaken as we are...(Speech Part I Act I Sc I King Henry IV – Jasper Britton)
3) Tavern Blues (Paul Englishby)
4) Sneak’s Noise: Ship Shape (Paul Englishby)
5) I know you all...(Speech Part I Act I Sc II Prince Hal – Alex Hassell)
6) Prince Hal (Paul Englishby)
7) Sneak’s Noise: Gigue (Paul Englishby)
8) Gwyry Dir Oeddunn (A Virgin Pure) (Paul Englishby)
9) Hal, if thou see me down...(Speech Part I Act V Sc I Falstaff / Prince Hal – Antony Sher / Alex Hassell
10) The Battle (Paul Englishby)
11) How many thousand of my poorest subjects...(Speech Part II Act III Sc I King Henry IV – Jasper Britton)
12) Shallow Theme (Paul Englishby)
13) Sneak’s Noise: Robin Hood (Paul Englishby)
14) Ah, you sweet little rogue...(Speech Part II Act II Sc IV Doll Tearsheet / Falstaff – Nia Gwynne/Antony Sher & Music Sneak’s Noise: Tavern Blues (Paul Englishby)
15) Sneak’s Noise: A Cup of Wine (Paul Englishby)
16) Glendower Theme (Paul Englishby)
17) Sneak’s Noise: England (Paul Englishby)
18) I know thee not old man...(Speech Part II Act V Sc V – Alex Hassell)
19) Coronation (Paul Englishby)

Music by Edward Gregson from the 1991 RSC production directed by Adrian Noble:

20) Main Theme (Gregson)
21) Tavern (Gregson)
22) Os Dawfy Nghariad Yma Heno (If My Love Comes Here Tonight) (Gregson)
23) Te Deum (Coronation) (Gregson)

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