Music provides a theatre director with a valuable extra dimension to add to the power of text and acting: it is used to create or enhance atmosphere, to provide melodies for Shakespeare’s many songs and for dances, for moments of comedy, tension and poignancy.

John Woolf, RSC Head of Music, composes, commissions, plays and conducts – often from the keyboard – to create the musical backdrop so vital to the action on stage.

The RSC’s musicians play a vast array of instruments from a crumhorn to pieces of metal, from sophisticated computer-generated sounds to sticks and bones. But the shows are rarely recorded, the players never hear themselves play, and the music fades into memory and lives on only in the score.

Music for the RSC celebrates some of the wonderful music produced for the RSC over more than 20 years by John Woolf, and his musical colleagues and friends. This rich compilation – chosen by John from some of his favourite productions and recorded in a studio – shows his virtuosity, creativity and skill. It is music to be enjoyed in its own right.

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