Fully restored release of Macbeth, the original version produced and directed by Orson Welles.

Hailed as one of cinema's greatest adaptations of Shakespeare Orson Welles' Macbeth is an expressionist masterpiece about a doomed man of ordinary ambition who believes an evil prophecy that he will become King.

Orson Welles was so keen to make this film that he had to agree to shoot it in 23 days using only existing western movie sets. The original film was cut from over 110 minutes down to 89 but was restored for release onto video; it also had to be re-dubbed as Welles originally had the actors speaking with broad Scottish accents.

Orson Welles as Macbeth
Jeanette Nolan as Lady Macbeth
Dan O’Herlihy as Macduff
Roddy McDowall as Malcolm
Edgar Barrier as Banquo
Alan Napier as A Holy Father
Erskine Sanford as Duncan
John Dierkes as Ross
Keene Curtis as Lennox
Peggy Webber as Lady Macduff

Certificate PG
Running Time 103 mins
Region 2
Main Language English
Subtitles No
Release Date 25/08/2003

Number of Discs 1
Special Features
Intercative Menus
Short Film

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