The Merchant of Venice Print

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Named for Antonio, Shakespeare's play is really about Shylock, the man so stereotypical he gave his name to an entire profession. Is he really just an anti-semitic caricature or a sympathetic victim of hostile sixteenth century European prejudice? Does he not bleed? And has he met his match in the wits of the beautiful Portia?

Comprises 1 sheet, measuring 700x500mm for easy framing.

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In Venice, the merchant Antonio borrows money so his friend can woo a beautiful lady. He agrees that if he doesn't repay Shylock the moneylender, Shylock can take a pound of his flesh. When Antonio's ships sink and he loses his fortune, Shylock insists on the gruesome payment...

With Notes on Shakespeare and Love, Hate and Mercy in The Merchant of Venice.

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A new edition of Shakespeare's bittersweet comedy of courtship and ethnic tension, developed by and for the RSC.

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