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A memoir from the much-loved actress and RSC-veteran, Judi Dench. This book is much more than a career record. Her marriage, daughter, and her impish sense of humour contribute vividly to her account of more than half a century as Britain's best-loved actress.

From the moment Judi Dench appeared as a teenager in the York Mystery Plays it was clear that acting would be her career. Trained at London's Central School of Speech and Drama it was her performance in her twenties as Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's memorable Old Vic production that turned her into a star. In the theatre since she has played every classic role from Titania (three times, most recently in 2010) to Cleopatra.

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Television performance of Trevor Nunn's acclaimed RSC production

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Conceived by Trevor Nunn, this musical presentation at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon is a carefree romp in which collapsing chairs, squirting soda siphons, funky wigs, uncompromising couplets and outrageous puns abound. The production features music by composer Guy Woolfenden, who received an Olivier Award for Best New Musical for the show's London production, and dance routines by world-renowned choreographer Gillian Lynne; Francesca Annis won a BAFTA award for her role as Luciana.

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Exits & Entrances (CD, 2012)

This new album includes some of Shakespeare's most beautiful poetry, read by actors including Dame Judi Dench and David Suchet and accompanied by specially composed music by Jackie Williams.

Track Listing:

01. Jeffery Dench extract from As You Like It (‘All the world’s a stage....’)
02. Judi Dench Sonnet 116 (‘Let me not to the marriage of true minds....’)
03. David Suchet extract from Antony and Cleopatra (‘The barge she sat in....’)
04. Judi Dench Sonnet 87 (‘Farewell - thou art too dear....’)
05. Jeffery Dench extract from Romeo and Juliet (‘But soft, what light through....’)
06. David Suchet extract from Henry V (‘Once more unto the breach....’)
07. Emilia Fox extract from The Merchant of Venice (‘The quality of mercy....’)
08. Judi Dench Sonnet 30 (‘When to the sessions....’)
09. Jeffery Dench extract from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (‘I pray thee give it e....’)
10. Oliver Dench extracts from The Tempest (‘Come unto these....’) (‘Full fathom five....’)
11. Emilia Fox extract from Romeo and Juliet (‘Farewell, God knows....’)
12. Jeffery Dench Sonnet 18 (‘Shall I compare thee....’?)
13. David Suchet extract from Richard III (‘Now is the winter of our discontent....’)
14. Judi Dench extract from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (‘These are the forgeries....’)
15. David Suchet extract from The Merchant of Venice (‘He hath disgraced me....’)
16. Emilia Fox extract from Hamlet (‘There is a willow....’)
17. David Suchet extract from Henry V (‘O for a muse of fire....’)
18. Jeffery Dench extract from Hamlet (‘To be or not to be....’)
19. Emilia Fox extract from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (‘How happy some o’er other....’)
20. David Suchet extract from Henry V (‘Now entertain conjecture....’)
21. Jeffery Dench and Oliver Dench extract from The Winter’s Tale (‘I would there were no age....’)
22. Judi Dench extract from Antony and Cleopatra (‘I dreamt there was an Emperor....’)
23. Judi Dench Sonnet 29 (‘When in disgrace with fortune....’)
24. Jeffrey Dench extract from The Tempest (‘Now my charms....’)

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