Our cocktails are the talk of the town and are available all day on the third floor of the Rooftop Restaurant.


Jugs available from £27.50 ask the bar staff for more details

'As You Like It' RSC Cocktail £8.95

Ask for the current cocktails.


Chamomile and Elderflower Bees Knees  £8.95

Hendricks gin, lemon juice, chamomile infused honey syrup, elderflower

Cinnamon and Orange Espresso Martini £8.95

Reyka vodka, Tia Maria, Cointreau, espresso, cinnamon syrup, orange bitters  

Mango and Ginger Martini £8.95

Reyka vodka, mango puree, tabasco and ginger    

Spiced Coconut Daiquiri £7.95

Sailor Jerry rum, coconut syrup and lime juice 


Strawberry and Rose Collins £8.95

Zubrowka vodka, lemon juice, strawberry puree, rose syrup and soda 

Cucumber, Orange and Mint Rickey  £7.95

Hendricks gin, blue curacao, lime juice, cucumber, mint leaves and soda   

Cotswolds G ‘n’ T £8.95

Cotswolds Gin, grapefruit, bay leaf, slimline tonic

Black Forest Cooler £7.95

Hennessey VS cognac, cassis, crème de mure, elderflower cordial and fresh blackberries  

Rhubarb Punch £7.95 

Rhubarb gin, strawberry liqueur, lemon juice, strawberry jam, thyme and lemonade 


Bellini of Your Choice £7.95

Peach, strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit or pear purée and sparkling wine 

Rosemary and Berry Champagne £8.95

Champagne, rosemary syrup, Chambord, crème de fraise, crème de cassis

RSC Royale £11.95

Chambord, strawberry purée, rose syrup and Champagne 

Elderflower French 75 £8.95

Champagne, gin, elderflower syrup and lemon juice


Smoked Tequila Old Fashioned £8.95

Smoked reposado tequila, agave syrup, orange bitters

White Scotsman £7.95

Glenfiddich whisky, cacao brun, cherry liqueur and double cream   

Passionfruit Scotch Sour £7.95

Monkey Shoulder whisky, passion fruit purée, lemon juice, egg white   

Coconut and Blackberry Smash  £8.95

Russian Standard vodka, crème de mure, coconut milk, coconut sugar and fresh blackberries


Baby Bellini £3.95

Peach purée, lemon juice and apple juice topped up with lemonade

Peach and Violet Cooler £3.95

Apple juice, peach puree, violet syrup, lemonade

Pineapple and Mango Crush £3.95

Pineapple juice, mango puree, ginger ale 



Manhattan £8.95

Served the way you like it

Woodford Reserve, Martini Rosso, Martini Dry, Angostura bitters

Gin/Vodka Martini  £8.95

Served the way you like it

Choose from Grey Goose, Belvedere, Zubrowka, Bombay, Tanqueray 10, Sipsmith Gin  

Cosmopolitan £8.95

Kettle One Citron, cointreau, lime, cranberry juice and orange peel 

Espresso Martini £7.95

Russian Standard vodka, Tia Maria and espresso

Bees Knees - £7.95

Bombay Sapphire gin, honey syrup & lemon juice

Brandy Alexander £7.95

Grey Goose Vodka, Tia Maria and espresso

Brandy Alexander £7.95

Hennessey VS, Crème de Cacao, cream


John Collins £7.50

Bombay Sapphire Gin, lemon juice and soda water

Mojito £7.50

Bacardi, lime, mint and soda water 

Mai Tai £8.95

Bacardi, Woods Navy rum, orgeat syrup and lime

Bloody Mary £6.95

Russian Standard vodka, spiced tomato mix and lemon


Sazerac £8.50

Hennessey VS, Absinthe, Peychaud’s Bitters

Negroni £7.95

Bombay Sapphire gin, Martini Rosso and Campari

Bramble £7.95

Bombay Sapphire gin, crème de mure, lemon juice 

Caipirinha £6.95

Sagatiba Cachaca, fresh lime and sugar  


French 75 £11.95

Bombay gin and lemon, topped up with Lanson Champagne

Kir Royal £9.95

Crème de cassis topped up with Lanson Champagne

Mimosa £11.95

Orange juice topped up with Lanson Champagne


Please ask your bartender or waiter if your favourite isn't on our menu, or if you fancy something a bit different - we'll always do whatever we can