Our cocktails are the talk of the town and are available all day on the third floor of the Rooftop Restaurant. Cocktail making masterclasses are shaken and stirred every Friday from 8.30pm.

A bartender presents a glass of cocktail
Photo by Sara Beaumont © RSC – Image Licensing


Flat white Martini £6.95

Chocolate Orange Martini £7.95
Vodka, Cointreau, Crème de Cacao and Orange Juice

Cotswold Martini £9.95
Cotswolds Gin, honey syrup, apple and Lime Juice

Bijou Martini £7.95
Gin, grand Marnier and Martini Rosso


Apple and Cinnamon Collins £6.95
Gin, Apple juice, Cinnamon Syrup and Lemon Juice topped with Soda

Emerald Buck £6.95
Jamesons and Midori topped with ginger Ale

Cotswold Gin and Tonic £8.95
Cotswold Gin, Grapefruit and Bay Leaf topped with Tonic Water

Long Port Brandy £7.95
Port, Brandy, Raspberry Liqueur, Lemon Juice and Cranberry Juice


RSC Royale £11.95
Rose, Strawberry Pureé, Crème de Cassis and Champagne

Spiced champagne cocktail £10.95
Raspberry Puree and Hibiscus Syrup, English Sparkling Wine

Bellini  of your choice £7.95
Sparkling Wine with your choice of pureé (raspberry, strawberry, apple, blackberry, peach or passion fruit) 


Boulevardier £7.95
Bourbon, Martini Rosso and Campari

Almond Old Fashion £7.95
Tequila, Agave Nectar, Amaretto and Orange bitters

Chilli vodka and Honey Sour £6.95
Chilli Vodka, Honey Syrup, lemon juice and Egg Whites

Spiced Cherry Thyme Smash £6.95
Spiced Rum, Cherry Liqueur and Thyme Syrup


Rose and Mint £3.95
Apple Juice, Rose Syrup, Lemon Juice, Grenadine, Mint and Lemonade

Baby Bellini £3.95
Peach Pureé, Lemon Juice and Apple Juice topped up with Lemonade

Faux French Martini £3.95
Pineapple Juice, Raspberry Puree, Cranberry and Lemon Juice

Please ask your bartender or waiter if your favourite isn't on our menu, or if you fancy something a bit different - we'll always do whatever we can.


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