We want to cater for everyone and are always expanding choices to meet your dietary needs.

From vegan options in Susie's Cafe Bar and the Rooftop Restaurant, to homemade gluten free sandwiches and cakes in the Riverside Cafe, there is something for everyone. 

If there's an ingredient you want left out of a dish, then please talk to us. We make everything from scratch and will do our best to accommodate you.

Dairy free and vegetarian 

Fresh vegetables

We have many dishes on our main menus that are already vegetarian or dairy free. Some menu items can be made vegetarian or dairy free, please ask for further information. 

The cafes have a selection of cakes and sandwiches made in-house so we are in control of what goes in our food and only use the best ingredients. See our vegan menus below for more details.

Vegetarian high tea menu



Vegan lunches

We have vegan hot dogs on the menu in Susie's Cafe Bar in The Other Place, as well as a selection of sandwiches and salads, here and in our Riverside Cafe. 

If you would like a vegan version of any of our dishes, then please just ask and we will do what we can to provide this.

Susie's Café Bar menu

Vegan high tea at the RSC Rooftop Restaurant

Vegan High Tea at the Rooftop Restaurant 

We offer vegan afternoon tea with scones, jam and soya cream, and high tea with a selection of vegan cakes. Our cafes carry a selection of vegan sandwiches and cakes, including muffins and millionaire shortbread.

If you have specific dietary needs, please check the menu to see in detail what we have to offer.  

Vegan high tea menu

Gluten free 

We provide gluten free versions of many of our standard menu items - just ask. We also sell Estrella Daura gluten free beer.

Gluten free pre-theatre dining in the RSC Rooftop Restaurant

Gluten free dining

There are several gluten-free dishes on the Rooftop Restaurant's main menu, all indicated as 'gf'. All our side dishes are gluten free and we offer gluten free bread. Just ask your waiter.

Gluten free cakes and bakes

Gluten free lunches and cakes

We make all our food from scratch, so as well as the gluten free items on our menu we can make gluten free versions of many of the standard menu options, in our Riverside Cafe, Susie's Cafe Bar and Swan Cafe. Just ask our friendly bar staff how we can help you.

From delicious muffins to chocolate brownies and Victoria sponge, we have a range of gluten free cakes available every day in all our cafes.

Vegan afternoon tea

Gluten free High Tea at the Rooftop Restaurant 

We also offer a gluten free high tea as well as sandwiches and cakes in the cafes.

If you have specific dietary needs, please check our page to see in detail what we have to offer. 

Gluten free high tea menu

Nuts and other allergies

Please let us know if you have a specific allergy or food intolerance, so we can help you decide which of our menu options will best suit you. Tell your waiter, or talk to us in advance on 01789 403449.