Watch Polly Findlay's production with Makram J. Khoury as Shylock on BBC Four this Sunday 19 July from 9pm.

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The Merchant of Venice broadcast is part of BBC Culture in Quarantine, bringing arts and culture to people's homes during lockdown.

The play features Makram J. Khoury as Shylock, and first played in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in 2015 as part of a series of plays set in Venice. 

woman in brightly coloured dress standing opposite a man
Patsy Ferran as Portia and Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice (2015). The set was designed by Johannes Schütz and costumes by Anette Guther.
Photo by Hugo Glendinning © RSC Browse and license our images

Watch the DVD and Blu-Ray trailer below and visit The Merchant of Venice 2015 page for more, including photos of the production in progress and videos with Director Polly Findlay explaining the story of the play, Patsy Ferran discussing the character of Portia and a scene from the show.

Young people who are studying The Merchant of Venice can find further resources about the play on our Shakespeare Learning Zone, or download an Activity Toolkit designed to help with home learning. 

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