See the beautiful period costumes for The Fantastic Follies of Mrs Rich, in progress in our costume workshops in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The three costumes in the gallery below are shown in the process of being made, and then as the original design sketches. Hats, headdresses, jackets, waistcoats and the stunning gowns worn by Mrs Rich are all being made in the workshops, close to the theatre, by our skilled craftsmen and women.

Each costume is cut and made bespoke to each actor by our highly skilled Men's and Ladies' Costume teams, who can turn their hands to any period, bringing the setting of the show to life.

The Fantastic Follies of Mrs Rich is an 18th century comedy of manners, full of mischief-making and plot twists, by Mary Pix. Designer Colin Richmond has shared his sketches and descriptions for Mrs Rich (“all money and no class”), Elder Clerimont (“smells of the earth and wet dog”) and Sir John Roverhead (“vanity personified”).

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