We will host two active sessions for children, as well as a conversation between Robert Harris, Mike Poulton and Mary Beard about the upcoming Imperium plays.

The Cheltenham Literature Festival runs from 6-15 October, with three RSC events:

The Cicero Trilogy: From Page To Stage 8 October - Next month Imperium opens in the Swan Theatre, a two-part production adapted by Mike Poulton from the bestselling Cicero Trilogy by Robert Harris. Mike and Robert talk with historian Mary Beard about adapting the work for the stage and the significance of these plays for a modern audience.

RSC Introduce: A Christmas Carol Workshop 15 October - With A Christmas Carol coming to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in November, 4-8 year olds can learn more about the play and how an actor works in this fun interactive session

RSC Discover: A Christmas Carol Workshop  15 October - Older children (8-12) can take part in a more in-depth afternoon session

Young people will get the chance for some hands-on experience in our interactive sessions.