Today we launch our final 37 Plays Resource Pack. Find out about how to create compelling characters and get started with your own writing project.

Thursday 23 June is National Writing Day, the annual celebration of the pleasure and power of creative writing, and we are marking the event by releasing the last of our 37 Plays resource packs.

37 Plays is a new national playwriting project led by the RSC and our partner theatres, seeking the stories of our times, and the resource packs are designed to help you with your writing. The three packs cover Finding Your Story, Building Your World and Creating Compelling Characters, which features the new video you can see below. There are other resources on the 37 Plays website, including our dedicated writing podcast, hosted by playwright Mark Ravenhill.

The submissions process starts on 1 January 2023. To help you get started, you can also find other writing resources on the National Writing Day website.

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