For the first time, UK schools will get access to our world-famous rehearsal rooms as part of a new series of RSC Live Lessons.

Our 45-minute Live Lessons for Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth will be streamed straight from rehearsals into classrooms across the country early next year. 

The first Live Lesson for Romeo and Juliet will be broadcast on 25 January 2018 between 10.30 and 11.15am. Led by director Erica Whyman, the session will explain the show’s concept before focusing on the famous balcony scene between Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.

Erica will work with the actors to rehearse the balcony scene in different ways, exploring alternative approaches and possible new interpretations. Students will also be able to feedback and send in their questions to be answered by Erica and the actors as part of a live Q&A.

A man and woman kneel on the floor, holding hands.
Actors in rehearsal. In our Live Lessons, students will get a chance to find out how directors and actors make their creative choices.
Photo by Topher McGrillis © RSC Browse and license our images

Erica said: “Rehearsals are traditionally a sacred space for actors and directors where they can experiment, explore and try out different approaches before they are ready to perform their work in front of an audience.

“Rehearsal rooms are spaces of intense learning - not dissimilar to a classroom - so giving students the chance to join us on our creative journey will not only give them a better understanding of Shakespeare’s play, but a real insight into how we arrive at some of the creative decisions and choices that we make.”

A second Live Lesson is planned for 19 April 2018, focusing on our new production of Macbeth. Interested schools can register online for both sessions, and will receive a resource pack to prepare in advance, including lesson plans, activities and a short film about the show.

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