Join us on Twitter at 7pm on 11 February to listen along to the audio dramatisation of Juliet Gilkes Romero's award-winning play.

As the 19th Century dawns, politicians of all political persuasions gather in London to abolish the slave trade once and for all. But will the price of freedom turn out to be a multi-billion pound pay off to the slave owners? Even though such a bailout could drive the country into economic and political ruin?

The Whip opened in the Swan Theatre in 2020 and was brought to an early close as Covid-19 shut down UK theatres. Using whatever devices they could get their hands on, the company created this audio recording to share with you. We added production images and original music and sound from the show to guide you through the story and immerse you in the world of the play.

Two women in cloaks and wicker bonnets hold hands
Debbie Korley as Mercy Pryce and Katherine Pearce as Horatia Poskitt.
Photo by Steve Tanner © RSC Browse and license our images

The Whip is available on demand on YouTube until 16 March 2021. Join us to watch on Thursday 11 February at 7pm and we'll be on Twitter @theRSC and #RSCWhip with members of the original creative team, to listen along to the production together, one year on from press night. 

Listen to The Whip on YouTube